Let Your Brand Light Shine

... with a little help from Machie Designs and her Marketing family


Flyer (and accompanying highway billboard) announcing restaurant week

Rack Card
Rack Card

Rack cards promoting a rowing regatta. Like branding for all marketing pieces


Promotional piece for potential clients. Includes a brochure and sample pieces


Concept for a Superette logo, catering to summer beach clientele

Trust Trail Sign
Trust Trail Sign

Trail signage for a conservation trust organization

  Design Services  

Graphic Design & Branding

Branding and strong graphic design

are imperative for a fully integrated marketing & communications look.

Let's chat and see what kinds of beautiful projects we can work on together towards your goals!   

Fine Art

Teresa is both a fine artist and muralist,

as well as, a digital illustrator.

This is a great asset to her clients.

She is able to provide custom created, distinctly unique designs to her clients.

Complete Your Team

Most small to mid-sized
companies or organizations 
do not need a full time graphic designer.  Hire an expert graphic designer based on your needs
and budget!  Call us today!

Level Up Your

Graphic Design

Growth comes in all types of forms ... one way is to elevate your brand and increase the communications tools that are shared with your stakeholders, customers, prospective audiences and the general population.


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Merrimac Valley & Cape Cod



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