The Design Process


At Machie Design, we assist you through the (sometimes) complex process of graphic design work. And while each project is unique to our client's marketing and communications needs, there are some common steps that take place that are consistent to all projects.  Together, we work to accomplish your goals!


During our initial meeting, we take the opportunity to know one another better, share about our businesses, services, products, as well as, short and long term goals and commitments.

The main focus of this meeting is to establish the scope of work for each month over the course of the next year. We take the time to discuss needs, wants, specific goals for the graphic design, marketing and communications tools being developed.  We discuss and identify ideas, visions and culture that make your communications tools unique to your products and services.

We take the opportunity to show you the design solutions we have completed for past clients, and get to know the complete range of services our agency offers, and successes we have had working with other client projects.


Once we have defined the projects you are interested in accomplishing, we develop a list in the order of importance and we work our way through the list!  Depending on the scope of each project, if we are close within a month's time frame and need a couple of more hours to complete a project — we can either borrow time from next month's hours or provide a change order to cover the project in the same month.  Once the action plan has been signed off on — we move forward and begin the work.


Congratulations! We are excited to work with new clients! If you don't already have a brand identity kit - we will design one for your organization to ensure brand integrity across all projects.

The kick-off meeting is the first of the design stages when we want to very specifically define your project goals, design likes and dislikes, identify artwork and text to be used, navigation flows, layout styles, etc.

Since we want to get off on the right foot for the initial design concept, it is important that we specifically evaluate all your ideas, and gather as much information as possible. We will also begin to provide you a list of the information we will require from your business: unique photography, descriptive text, etc.

Let's get started together!  Thank you for doing business with Machie Graphic Design!